Quality Assurance
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Quality Assurance

To ensure the quality of the joining point there are various levels of monitoring available. An effective monitoring System provides the basis for optimal quality assurance.

Process monitoring

During the first level, the monitoring and analysis of parameters and measured values takes place. On the basis of the preconfigured values and their tolerances, deviations in process can be found out during this step. Then it is possible to draw one’s own conclusions on the quality. Due to the reliability and the robustness of the process this level of control works effectively.

Non-destructive examination

The second level is the non-destructive examination after the joining. By angle and projection of the element head or correct set-depth of the friction element for example, the quality of the joining can be evaluated as well. Other technical examination methods are the ultrasonic test or x-raying. At this the joining area can be examined directly for breaks or disruptions.

Destructive examination

The third level represents the destructive examination. This examination is mainly applied in the laboratory in order to carry out parameter identification and technology development. During this process joined sheet metal combinations, which have been joined with friction element welding are being separated by means of a chisel, exposed to high force until they get destroyed using shear-, peel- or cross tension tests. Furthermore the cross cuts are put through the joining area conduces to investigate the joining area for metallurgic and mechanical faults as well as to test the hardness. The selection of the characteristics,  which have to be examined, and their tolerances, is at long last the customers responsibility. Our technology experts support you to define the selection and criterias.




Please click on the picture to get the following certificates:

  • Certification quality management system DIN EN 9001 and ISO/TS 16949
  • Certification environmental management system ISO 14001
  • Certification energy management system ISO 50001



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