EJOWELD® - Lightweight design made easy

For Serial Applications

The rotary feeder developed by EJOWELD® is designed for the requirements of friction element welding and operates electro-pneumatically. It can feed all available EJOT® friction elements over the profile hose. EJOWELD® offers two options for use in tact-time-oriented serial production.

The 1-feeder version and the 2-feeder version. With both versions, the friction element is transported by compressed air between feeder and setting tool up to 25 m.

In the 2-feeder version, a passive junction operates in the background to transport both elements with only one hose. An additional module on the setting tool shortens the cycle time and stores one type of each friction element .



For Highest Flexibility

For prototype makers or for small serial productions, where the cycle time has a lower priority, EJOWELD® offers a multi-feeder version for special demands on highest flexibility. 

With 3 to 6 feeders, a large number of different elements can be fed with only one feeding hose and various joining points can be realised with just one setting tool. The pneumatically operated, active junction collects the element and reliably feeds it to the setting tool.



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